by Jenny Child


God of our pilgrimage,
you have given us a desire
to take the questing way
and set out on our journey.
Help us to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus,
that whatever we encounter as we travel,
we may seek to glorify you by the way we live. Amen


Eternal God,
give us the courage to set off on pilgrimage.
May we travel unhindered by worldly possessions
simply trusting in you for all that we need.
Sometimes our hearts will be heavy as we plod along
and our feet will ache and feel dirty.
Other times we will rejoice as the sun shines
on the path stretching before us.
May we ponder the truth,
that the pilgrim’s journey is never finished till they reach home. Amen


You call us, Lord,
to leave familiar things and to leave our “comfort zone”.
May we open our eyes to new experiences,
may we open our ears to hear you speaking to us
and may we open our hearts to your love.
Grant that this time spent on pilgrimage
may help us to see ourselves as we really are
and may we strive to become the people you would have us be. Amen


Lord, you know our beginning and our end.
Help us to realise we are only pilgrims on this earth
and save us from being too attached to worldly possessions.
May we experience the freedom to wander,
the freedom to hope and the freedom to love as we journey. Amen


Creator God, you are the source of all life and motivation.
May we journey in faith and love, rejoicing and eager to serve you.
Grant us a glimpse of your glory as we seek to follow you –
the Way, the Truth and the Life. Amen


May God the Father who created you, guide your footsteps,
May God the Son who redeemed you, share your journey,
May God the Holy Spirit who sanctifies you, lead you on life’s pilgrimage,
and the blessing of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
be with you wherever you may go. Amen.